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We are Trinity Academy Eppleby Forcett and Middleton Tyas. We are located in North Yorkshire. Our children are taught across two sites.

We believe in the power of giving children an audience for their work and opening up their eyes to the wider world. We also hope this helps you to keep up to date with what the children are doing in school.

This is a blog for us to celebrate success and achievement and make connections with the wider world around us.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts. If you would like to comment, please read our guidelines first.


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  1. Hello children, especially the Dunn boys. We are living in Spain for a few months and enjoying learning Spanish. I am a school teacher and teach my 3 daughters everyday before heading down to the beach. Even in November it is warm enough to swim in the sea. I have clicked on the Spanish flag and hope you get lots more visitors from countries near and far.
    From Ezra’s Aunty.

  2. I am delighted to see some of our excellent work here on the blog. This snapshot of the super work we do is a credit to the hardworking staff and fantastic children in our Federation. Well done all of you.

  3. Already so many fantastic activities blogged about this term and it’s only 2 weeks in! Just shows how creative and engaged our children (and teachers) are. Hope all parents will sign up for Blog notifications. Well done Mr Judd!

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